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  • Why Teak & Slate Coasters are Great Gifts

    Why Teak & Slate Coasters are Great Gifts

    If you’re seeing a lot of events on your calendar over the next few months, you’re not alone. Stock up on handcrafted gifts that will look great in any home, so you’re ready with a housewarming gift at every party.

    Teak Wood Coasters

    Unique and Handcrafted

  • Choosing between Teak and Mango Products

    Choosing between Teak and Mango Products

    With beautiful options in serving boards, cheeseboards, and coasters in both Teak and Mango woods, you may not know which one is best for your home (or gifting!). Here’s a little information about each one, so you can feel like you’re making a decision based on more than just looks.

    Mango Wood

  • Great features of “The Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboards

    Great features of “The Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboards

    If you’ve been searching for a cheeseboard for serving appetizers or charcuterie boards, then “The Original Vermont Slate” cheese board might be the right choice for you.

    Keep reading to find out why it makes a great gift for your friends (or yourself!):

    The Original Vermont Cheese Board

  • Why you need to use the Original Slate Oil™️

    Why you need to use the Original Slate Oil™️

    If you have a slate countertop in your home, you may have heard you need to seal or treat it regularly. At Garden State Soapstone, Slate &Wood Countertops, our installers will treat the slate after our installation and recommend you use The Original Slate Oil™️ to continue maintenance.

    No need for sealing with harsh chemicals because the organic oil does all the work. Here’s how:

    The Original Slate Oil

  • Delicious Winter Pizzas for Snowy Nights

    After a day of skiing or playing in the snow, nothing tastes as good as a pizza. While you think you’ll eat anything to get warm, these delicious recipes will make snow days your new favorite day of the year.

    Winter Squash & Prosciutto

    This recipe from The Original Dish sounds decadent but manages to be nutritious with tasty winter squashes and kale. Topped with butternut and burrata, it’s sure to be on repeat throughout the season, keeping you cozy and warm in the long, dark nights.

    squash pizza

  • How to Make a Trendy Butter Board for NYE

    How to Make a Trendy Butter Board for NYE

    Are you hosting on New Year’s Eve or attending the party? Try the trendy butter board (do a quick search on TikTok) on one of our wood or slate serving boards, and then leave the board as a gift for the host!

    Slate Cheese Board

  • Shop Small & Sustainable for Holiday Gifts

    Shop Small & Sustainable for Holiday Gifts

    It’s the holiday season! If you’re still looking for holiday gifts or stocking up on hostess gifts for the many events you’ll be attending, check out the top choices from Soapstone Products!

    Soapstone Pizza Stones

    Our soapstone pizza stones are the best gift because they can be used any season of the year. Not only are they great for oven-baked pizza, but you can use them for cooking on an outdoor grill. And they’re not just for pizza! Use them for cooking meats or vegetables outdoors, too.

    Shop pre-cut soapstone pizza stones or request a customized size.

    Soapstone Pizza Stone
  • So, What is Mango Wood?

    So, What is Mango Wood?

    When you think of cutting and serving boards, your mind might go to bamboo first. While many home items are made from bamboo because it’s easy to find, Mango wood offers a unique wood grain pattern and achieves similar sustainability goals.

    Mango Wood

    When looking for the best eco, budget, and maintenance-friendly woods for your home, Mango should be at the top of your list!

    Benefits of Mango Wood

  • Try a Back-to-School Snack Platter!

    Summer is drawing to a close, meaning it is time for millions of school children to head back to class!

    But those kids will want some snacks when they come home, and what better way to do that than to have a back-to-school, after-class snack platter waiting for them? In addition, these platters are a great way to clean your fridge from the extra produce that needs to be eaten instead of wasted.

     Mango Wood Cookies

    You will want a nice platter for your child's charcuterie. You don't need to use the same plates you serve all your meals on. Instead, mix things up and make the afternoon fun with a Teak Wood Board for this new routine. With these different serving styles, some kids have even learned to try new foods because of the novelty.

  • Why You Should Using Oil & Wax on Your Wood Counters or Cutting Boards

    Why You Should Using Oil & Wax on Your Wood Counters or Cutting Boards

    So, you have your gorgeous new wooden countertop. It is the focal point of your kitchen and is all the neighbors and visitors talk about when they drop by. But are you doing everything you can to ensure that your wooden countertops will be around for the long haul? Of course, part of ensuring the life and longevity of your wooden countertops (and your cutting boards!) means waxing and oiling them. But why is this so important?

    The Original Wood Wax

  • 3 Unexpected Pizza Toppings

    3 Unexpected Pizza Toppings

    Aside from naturally putting us in a better mood, the best things about pizza are the creative toppings you can dream up. While we adore pizzas and their traditional toppings, there are times when we crave something a little different. Although it's challenging to beat cheese or pepperoni as a popular topping if you're not afraid to branch out, try some of the unusual pizza toppings listed below at your next pizza party. Maybe you'll try them again!

    soapstone pizza stones

  • Adding Summer to Your Serving Boards

    Summertime is the perfect time to entertain, and charcuterie boards are one of the simplest and most effective methods to present and organize food while still creating a stunning centerpiece that everyone will enjoy. In addition, they're the ideal method to feed a crowd, so let's talk about how to put up your board for a delicious summer feast.

    Summer-y Serving Board Tips

    teak wood board