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  • All About Soapstone Oil & Wax: what it does, is, and isn’t

    If you’ve been investigating countertops for a kitchen renovation, you know that each surface comes with different care instructions and recommendations. The durability and unique feel of soapstone makes it a favorite option in kitchens (both indoor and outdoor!).

    One of the benefits of soapstone over other stones is its naturally non-porous, waterproof surface. So why do you need wax or oil? While granite and marble countertops need a sealant every few months to keep water out and protect the countertop, soapstone doesn’t need to be sealed against water.

  • Why You Need a Soapstone Pizza/Grilling Stone

    Why You Need a Soapstone Pizza/Grilling Stone

    With friends gathering again and the warm weather bringing everyone to their backyards, a pizza/grilling stone makes a great investment for your entertaining space. Cook delicious pizzas in half the time over a grill or in your oven and achieve that perfect crispy crust!

    Don’t forget the pizza peel for placing the fresh pizza on the stone and removing it safely.

    Why use a pizza/grilling stone?

  • Why Choose Teak & Mango Wood for Serving

    Are you looking for a unique serving platter for your home?

    The teak and mango wood serving boards from Soapstone Products make a statement at 3 to 7-feet each, but also make a great choice in food safety and sustainability.

  • 4 Tips for the Best Slate Cheese Boards

    4 Tips for the Best Cheese Board

    Charcuterie or cheese boards have become a popular appetizer or sometimes a full meal when entertaining! Even if you’re home watching a movie, pulling together a delicious cheese board elevates the evening. With a cheese board or serving platter always on hand, and a few items stocked in your fridge, you’ll be ready to host a party at any moment.

    Start with a Great Board