Why You’ll Love Our Slate Cheeseboards

Why You’ll Love Our Slate Cheeseboards

Charcuterie boards are everyone’s favorite appetizer (and we’ve made them the whole meal, if we’re honest). If you’re looking for a new presentation option, or you need a housewarming gift that your friends will love, slate cheeseboards should be on your list for a variety of reasons.

slate cheese board

Versatile Presentation & Neutral Flavor:

Slate has a flat, smooth surface, which provides the canvas for arranging your meats and cheese without impacting the flavor.

Our “Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboard even includes two pieces of soapstone chalk, so you can write directly on the slate to the various kinds of cheese. Some more creative charcuterie board experts may include additional drawings or pairing options labeled on the board.

Natural Edge Appeal:

Many slate cheeseboards (including the “Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboard) come with natural, uneven edges that add an organic and rustic aesthetic. This adds some interest to the piece and provides a nice contrast to other serving dishes you may have on the table.

slate cheese board

Easy to Clean and Maintain:

The beauty of the slate cheeseboard is in the easy maintenance. The non-porous nature of slate makes it resistant to stains and odors, and you can easily wash it by hand or wash it in the dishwasher to remove the chalk and cheese remains.

Temperature Resilience:

Another reason to love slate for serving cheeses is the ability to stay cool longer than a wood cutting board. That means all the items will stay fresh a little longer, and your cheese won’t melt too quickly.

Durable and Long-Lasting:

Slate tiles, pavers, or stair treads have long been used for outdoor spaces due to their incredible durability. Even with regular wine and cheese nights, your slate cheeseboard will stand the test of time. The surface also withstands chipping and cracking to keep up with your event schedule, even when cleaned in the dishwasher.

slate cheese board

Gift Yourself (or a friend) a Slate Cheeseboard for 2024:

Maybe you want to start impressing your guests with your charcuterie board skills, or you want an excuse to make the sliced meat roses you saw in a viral social media video… Gift yourself a slate cheeseboard and start adding meats and cheeses to your meal plan.

These also make a great gift when you bring the cheeseboard to a friend’s house and let them know they can keep the board (don’t forget to give them the chalk pieces, too!

Find yours right here on our website.

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