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  • 3 Unexpected Pizza Toppings

    3 Unexpected Pizza Toppings

    Aside from naturally putting us in a better mood, the best things about pizza are the creative toppings you can dream up. While we adore pizzas and their traditional toppings, there are times when we crave something a little different. Although it's challenging to beat cheese or pepperoni as a popular topping if you're not afraid to branch out, try some of the unusual pizza toppings listed below at your next pizza party. Maybe you'll try them again!

    soapstone pizza stones

  • Adding Summer to Your Serving Boards

    Summertime is the perfect time to entertain, and charcuterie boards are one of the simplest and most effective methods to present and organize food while still creating a stunning centerpiece that everyone will enjoy. In addition, they're the ideal method to feed a crowd, so let's talk about how to put up your board for a delicious summer feast.

    Summer-y Serving Board Tips

    teak wood board

  • Why you should be using a pizza stone

    If you are anything like us, you love pizza. Unfortunately, standard ovens and grills were not designed to cook pizza well. They both miss the high initial heat required to crisp the dough and cook slowly, resulting in mushy dough pizzas that leave you wishing you had ordered from the pizza place down the street.

    Not using a pizza stone is holding you back on pizza night. While many pizza stones you buy at a home décor stone are not actual stone (those are typically unglazed clay), we make our soapstone pizza stones out of natural soapstone in a few thicknesses, diameters and custom sizes are available. You most likely want one small enough for a conventional oven rack to fit inside your home oven.

    pizza stone

  • What Is Teak Wood?

    Hosts love the look of wood serving platters at their parties, especially for charcuterie boards. Wood has a natural charm that adds to the table displays, and Teak is a popular option for these serving trays. Due to its durability and water resistance. With its rich, warm tones, it is also widely regarded as one of the most beautiful woods on the planet.
  • Caring for Wood Cutting Boards

    Caring for Wood Cutting Boards

    Wooden cutting boards are surprisingly versatile, attractive, and typically better for keeping your knife edges sharp. Wood left uncared for may be prone to warping or cracking, so it must be hand-washed and oiled regularly. Here is our step-by-step guide to keeping your wooden cutting board in tip-top shape for years to come!

    For Simple Cleaning, Oiling, Or Waxing

    Before starting, you will need to gather these few items and ingredients.

  • Benefits of Slate Cheeseboards: Durable, sustainable, and easy to clean

    Slate Cheeseboards

    Are you looking for the best cheeseboard for your next party (or maybe a gift for a friend)? Quickly gaining popularity, slate cheeseboards are becoming a fashionable backdrop for artisanal cheeses and desserts. The dark color contrasts beautifully with vibrant cheeses, meats, and veggies, and its easy-to-clean nature means you don’t have to worry about it in between events.

    Benefits of Slate Cheeseboards

    slate cheese board

  • Why You Need The Original Soapstone Oil & Wax

    Soapstone Oil

    Why you need The Original Soapstone Oil & Wax

    Every year, more designers and homeowners learn about the benefits and beauty of soapstone. For example, countertops made with this distinctive, natural stone will not burn from a hot pan or discolor in the sunlight from large windows. In addition, because it is non-porous, this stone will not stain even with everyday use. Another benefit? Soapstone is incredibly easy to care for, with very little actual maintenance needed. A little soap, water, and the occasional oiling or waxing are all the typical homeowner needs to keep the surface clean and looking great.

    The Original Soapstone Wax

    Soapstone’s Natural Patina

  • Great Holiday Serving Board Ideas

    Great Holiday Serving Board Ideas

    Are you hosting a party this holiday season? While traditional cheese boards are delicious (and make great gifts), don’t be afraid to switch things up for the season and create something unique and fun.

    Treats for Santa

    We often suggest labeling the types of cheese on our slate boards with the soapstone chalk but using the board for Santa’s treats makes it fun for the kids, too. They can label the types of cookies or where the milk goes on the board, or they could write a note to Santa with the chalk. You can decorate the board with holiday images, too.

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    slate cheese board

    Christmas Candy or Cookie Boards

  • Shop Local this Holiday Season

    Shop Local this Holiday Season

    With shortages predicted in stores and online, shop locally to ensure you have everything you need for a great holiday season.

    New Cookbook

    Looking for a way to support a local bookstore, but you’re not sure what kind of books your recipients enjoy? Try a new cookbook! If you’re not sure about dietary restrictions, look for an option that includes some gluten-free or vegetarian recipes, as those are the most common restrictions.

    You can also choose a cookbook that focuses on techniques instead of specific recipes, so you’re giving the gift of better cooking, not just a set of recipes they may never make.

    Soapstone Pizza Stone

    Soapstone Pizza Stone

  • Give the Gift of Cheese Boards this Holiday Season

    Give the Gift of Cheese Boards this Holiday Season

    If you want to be invited to more parties in the future, start by bringing a cheeseboard. You can’t go wrong with cheese at almost every event: picnics, holiday parties, kids’ birthday parties (need to feed the adults, too!), game day, and more.

    Choose a beautiful cheese board from our shop and include it as your gift to the host. They don’t need to return it to you after the party is over! In fact, you might want to stock up on a few boards now to be ready for a season of parties and NFL games.

    Ready to build a delicious cheese board and be the hit of the party? Here’s a few things to include and get you started:

    You only need 3 cheeses
    Slate Cheese Board

  • New Season, New Pizza Toppings!

     New Season, New Pizza Toppings!

    With fresh vegetables becoming less available in the fall, switch to hearty root vegetables and specialty cheese for flavorful, memorable pizza toppings. Pizzas can also be a fun way to use up leftovers in your fridge when you’ve had a busy week. So start planning the great mix of toppings you’ll try next!

    Soapstone Pizza Stone pizza

    Seasonal Squash Toppings

  • How to Use Wood Wax or Wood Oil

    How to Use Wood Wax or Oil

    While some homeowners want their wood counter-tops to show the wear and tear, everyone agrees they can use a little maintenance. With The Original Wood Wax or The Original Wood Oil, you’ll protect and nourish your wood counter-tops.