Maintaining Soapstone, Slate, or Wood Countertops with Wax and Oil

Maintaining Soapstone, Slate, or Wood Countertops with Wax and Oil

Soapstone, slate, and wood countertops offer beautiful and sustainable options for your kitchen. While they can age beautifully, if you want to keep them looking brand new, you simply need to apply wax or oil.

The Original Soapstone Oil

Soapstone Maintenance: Using Oil and Wax

With its unique subtle and moderate veining and soapy texture with traditional soapstone, Soapstone is a popular choice for kitchens, bathrooms, bars, etc. To keep soapstone countertops in optimal condition, a routine application of soapstone oil or wax is essential. However, soapstone is always naturally non-porous and antibacterial, so the treatment maintains its beautiful patina.

The Original Soapstone Wax

Begin by thoroughly cleaning the surface to remove any debris or residues. Once dry, generously apply a thin layer of The Original Soapstone Oil™️ or The Original Soapstone Wax™ using a soft cloth. This process helps to enhance the stone's beauty and natural color.

The Original Soapstone Wax™️ can be applied and buffed to maintain the countertop's beauty. Regular maintenance not only ensures the longevity of soapstone but also hides any scratches, if any, from day-to-day use.

Slate Maintenance: When to Use Slate Oil

Slate countertops, celebrated for their durability and earthy charm, require simple maintenance to keep them looking great. Apply The Original Slate Oil™️ using a soft cloth, ensuring even coverage across the entire surface. The oil penetrates the top surface of the slate, enhancing its color and providing protection against marks and scratches. With regular application of the slate oil, you’ll ensure that the natural beauty of the stone remains a focal point in your kitchen.

The Original Slate Oil

Wood Countertops: How and When to Apply Wood Oil

Wood countertops infuse warmth and character into kitchens, but regular application of wood oil or wood wax nourishes the wood, prevents drying, and maintains its natural beauty. Begin by cleaning the surface thoroughly with a wood cleaner and allowing it to dry completely.

Apply The Original Wood Oil™️or Wax evenly using a soft cloth. Allow a short time for the oil or wax to penetrate the wood. Wipe or buff off any excess oil or wax. Repeat this process periodically or as needed based on the wood's condition.

Understanding the unique maintenance needs of soapstone, slate, and wood countertops helps homeowners preserve the integrity of their kitchen surfaces. A consistent maintenance routine ensures that these natural materials not only withstand the test of time but also continue to exude charm and elegance in the heart of your home. At Soapstone Products, we have everything you need to keep your counters looking great!

The Original Wood Wax

The Original Wood OIl

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