Shop Local this Holiday Season

Shop Local this Holiday Season

With shortages predicted in stores and online, shop locally to ensure you have everything you need for a great holiday season.

New Cookbook

Looking for a way to support a local bookstore, but you’re not sure what kind of books your recipients enjoy? Try a new cookbook! If you’re not sure about dietary restrictions, look for an option that includes some gluten-free or vegetarian recipes, as those are the most common restrictions.

You can also choose a cookbook that focuses on techniques instead of specific recipes, so you’re giving the gift of better cooking, not just a set of recipes they may never make.

Soapstone pizza stone

Soapstone Pizza Stone

Soapstone makes for great pizza stones because they retain heat to create that perfect crispy crust. As a soapstone fabricator, we can create a pizza stone in a custom size, but we already have many sizes available in either round or rectangle here. Not only do they work well for pizza in any oven, but you can also use them to cook on a grill for chicken, steak, veggies, and burgers.

Our high-quality soapstone has the highest heat retention and slowest heat loss of any other soapstone, so you will have a great pizza every time.

While you’re visiting Soapstone Products, check out our article with great pizza recipes to include in your gift.

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Slate Cheese Board Teak Wood Cheese Board

Cheese Board or Serving Board

Visiting someone’s home for a holiday party? Bring a housewarming gift and party favorite all in one: make a delicious cheeseboard, and let the host keep the board!

Slate Cheese Boards make a fun gift that can be customized for an occasion with soapstone chalk. Label the cheese, meats, and fruits so the guests know what they’re getting.

Teak or Mango boards have unique wood elements that look great in any setting. Your host may enjoy the more rustic look of the wood, while a more modern home may prefer slate. Either is food safe and beautiful when piled with cheeses.

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Gift Cards to Local Restaurants

While many people may not consider gift cards thoughtful, they can be if you choose a restaurant within a few miles of the recipient’s home. They know you actually did some research to find the location, instead of giving a card to a chain store. And you gave them an excuse to get out of the house and try someplace new (or maybe give them a gift card to their favorite local bakery to pay for their weekend treat).

Reusable, Fun Paper Towels or Shopping Totes

Visit any local gift shop and you’re sure to find un-paper towels in fun prints to represent a shift to more sustainable solutions. Of course, this gift isn’t for everyone, but for the environmentally conscious person in your life, any reusable gift is a win. Especially if you didn’t order it online. You could also try reusable produce bags or cotton shopping totes that last longer (and they’re washable), making them a better option than the plastic reusable totes.

Whiskey Rocks

Soapstone Whiskey Rocks

If your friend or family member just moved out on their own and started building their home bar cart, give whiskey rocks to add to the experience. As a dense stone, soapstone stays cool for longer than granite or marble whiskey rocks when frozen.

These also make a great gift for a coffee cart – heat in the microwave for a minute and drop in your coffee to reheat or keep a cup hot.

Not sure whiskey rocks make a great gift? Here’s our blog post on the why you should be using them!

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Local & Sustainable Shopping in NJ, NYC, PA

Not only is shopping local good for the economy in your area, but it’s also better for the environment, reducing packaging waste and emissions from those delivery trucks already working overtime. Even if you do shop online for your gifts, you know that shopping locally supports a small business doing their best to provide for their own family and the families of their employees. Convenient, sustainable, and thoughtful: the combination you’re looking for in the 2021 holiday season.

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