New Season, New Pizza Toppings!

 New Season, New Pizza Toppings!

With fresh vegetables becoming less available in the fall, switch to hearty root vegetables and specialty cheese for flavorful, memorable pizza toppings. Pizzas can also be a fun way to use up leftovers in your fridge when you’ve had a busy week. So start planning the great mix of toppings you’ll try next!
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Seasonal Squash Toppings

You’ve been obsessed with everything pumpkin this season, so why not pumpkin on your pizza? This may sound crazy at first, but when mixed with Gruyere cheese and topped with sausage, it’s less like a pumpkin pie and more like a filling meal that might still make the Thanksgiving table (or maybe a post-shopping Black Friday meal).

Find the Pumpkin & Sausage Pizza recipe here.

This Food & Wine recipe for Squash and Potato pizza brings comfort food to another level. Go gourmet with Manchego cheese and cherry tomatoes instead of traditional sauce or beefsteak tomatoes.

Fruits, Vegetables & Cheese

If the only fruit you’ve put on a pizza is pineapple, you’re missing out. This combination of fig, gorgonzola, and pancetta will become a repeat throughout the year, but these flavors seem to fit best in the fall.

And if you’re looking for a way to use up the fall root vegetables from your garden, Martha Stewart’s recipe for Roasted Fall Vegetables & Ricotta Cheese pizza is a new twist. Take leftover roasted root vegetables from a previous night’s dinner and put them on a pizza! This recipe is an excellent option for meal planning on busy school nights when you’re tired of making the same dinner again and again.

Soapstone Pizza Stone pizza

Keep Using Your Pizza Grilling Stone!

Even though it’s autumn, you can still get outside and use your grill. In the crisp air, you can be wrapped in blankets around a fire, eating fresh pizza with the best toppings. Get your kids involved on pizza night by picking up various cheeses, laying out the leftovers, and seeing what combinations they put together.

Soapstone makes a great material for pizza grilling stones, because it retains heat and makes your crust extra crispy. Find the right stone at the right dimensions to fit your grill, oven, or personal style from Soapstone Products.

Soapstone Pizza Stone

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