Why use soapstone whiskey rocks?

Why use soapstone whiskey rocks?

When you’re only drinking a small amount of a drink, you want to keep that flavor intact. Which is where US-made soapstone whiskey rocks become a necessity. At Soapstone Products, we have two sizes of rocks to best suit your needs. And they work not only for chilled drinks, but also for hot beverages when microwaved!

Whiskey rocks


Soapstone is the most popular option for whiskey rocks because it is natural non-porous. That means it won’t absorb any of your beverage, and it won’t release any odors or flavors, either. When you want to preserve the flavor of your bourbon or whisky, soapstone rocks are the best way to do that.

Stay Cool

Because soapstone has a high density, the rock stays colder longer than other natural stones like marble or granite. When frozen for at least four hours, it will be cold enough to chill your whiskey, but not quite as cold as ice cubes. But that’s a good thing – whiskey loses the distinct flavors you’re looking for if the drink is too cold.

Remember, chilling whiskey or bourbon brings out a different flavor profile, so it’s a fun way to test out your favorite drinks.

whiskey rockswhiskey rocks

No Dilution

The top reason for whiskey rocks is that they don’t dilute the beverage like ice would as it melts. Because whiskey or bourbon is stored at room temperature, the whiskey rocks cool it down but maintain the flavor.

Soapstone Products carries US-made soapstone whiskey rocks in different sizes and quantities, to keep your beverages chilled (or warm, if you microwave them and add to your coffee). Choose a bag of six 1.13” square rocks to give as a gift, or keep the bag of .75” square rocks in the freezer, ready to use when guests visit.

We’ve seen these work well as gifts for the dads and husbands, as well as fun wedding favors and rehearsal dinner gifts.

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