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Rectangular Pizza Stone
10" x 15" Pizza Stone
Pizza Stones - Rectangular

Rectangle Pizza Stone 10" X 15" X 1 3/16"

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We are currently sold out of 1 3/16" thick stones. We will update this page when we have confirmation on when we will have stock in. 3/4" thick stones are in stock.

Soapstone Pizza Stones can be used on the grill or in your oven. They are the greatest way for cooking pizza or any other type of food including chicken, steak, burgers and "veggies". They give you a clean, consistent heat every time.

There is no better way to cook your pizza than with a soapstone pizza stone. Soapstone is a naturally occurring mineral that has amazing thermal properties allowing it to hold hot or cold temperatures longer than other kinds of cookware products.

Soapstone has no taste, which means that it will cook your food without ever altering the flavor.

Our soapstone is quarried in the USA which produces the best quality soapstone in the world. It has the highest heat retention and the slowest heat loss of any soapstone.

Custom size Soapstone Pizza Stones are also available to fit your exact size needs. Click here for more information on getting a custom size stone created for you.

If you are looking for a lighter stone, we also have soapstone pizza stones in  3/4" thickness.  For personal use, the 3/4" will fit your needs.

Need a pizza peel to make your pizza on? We sell them here.

For tips on Care and Maintenance of your soapstone pizza stone, click here.

 made in USA