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Teak Wood Coasters 4 pack
Teak Wood Coaster
4 Teak Wood Coasters
Teak Wood Coasters
Teak Wood Coasters - 4 pack

Teak Wood Coasters - 4 pack

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Our hand made Teak Wood coasters comes as a set of 4.
Each coaster has a unique shape and pattern and is hand sanded finished.

Dimensions sizes are approximately 4" x 3"
Thickness is 3/8" thick
(Please keep in mind that each piece is a unique size and shape so no two are the same size)

Optional: to enhance the beauty of your teak wood, you can apply The Original Wood Oil.
Our "Original Wood Oil" is all natural, environmentally safe and organic.  A completely food-safe blend of natural oils including: Grapeseed Oil, Safflower Oil, Elderberry Fruit Extract

Teak Wood Coasters are purchased in a 4 pack for $19.99