Delicious Winter Pizzas for Snowy Nights

Delicious Winter Pizzas for Snowy Nights

After a day of skiing or playing in the snow, nothing tastes as good as a pizza. While you think you’ll eat anything to get warm, these delicious recipes will make snow days your new favorite day of the year.

Winter Squash & Prosciutto

This recipe from The Original Dish sounds decadent but manages to be nutritious with tasty winter squashes and kale. Topped with butternut and burrata, it’s sure to be on repeat throughout the season, keeping you cozy and warm in the long, dark nights.

squash pizza

Brussels Sprouts & Bacon

Brussels sprouts are always better paired with bacon, and now topped on a pizza might make them even better. Half Baked Harvest is known for reliably delicious recipes, so this one is sure to stay in your rotation throughout the year.

French Onion Pizza

Another delicious option from The Original Dish, nothing sounds more comforting than French onion soup on a cold day. But make it pizza. This is a slightly more involved recipe to make the onions “French.” You’ll be caramelizing them in sherry wine and beef stock to add flavor. But if you have the time, this sounds like a gourmet favorite.

soapstone pizza stone

Fig, Caramelized Onion, & Goat Cheese

You’ll probably want to keep this recipe after winter, because the sweet and savory work well together. Caramelized onions are a staple for winter comfort foods, as you always have them in your pantry regardless of season. The fig jam makes this recipe a restaurant-style favorite you can have at home anytime!

Winter Burrata Pizza with Pistachio Chili Honey

This pizza has a lot of ingredients, but it sounds like the perfect option for a snowy day inside. You’ll start stocking fennel, mushrooms, and red chilis so you can make this whenever you have a craving.

Don’t forget to make your pizza on a pizza stone for the best crispy crust. Our soapstone pizza stones can be customized to your dimensions, and they retain heat without absorbing any food flavors into the stone.

soapstone pizza stone

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