Why You Need a Soapstone Pizza/Grilling Stone

Why You Need a Soapstone Pizza/Grilling Stone

With friends gathering again and the warm weather bringing everyone to their backyards, a pizza/grilling stone makes a great investment for your entertaining space. Cook delicious pizzas in half the time over a grill or in your oven and achieve that perfect crispy crust!

Don’t forget the pizza peel for placing the fresh pizza on the stone and removing it safely.

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Why use a pizza/grilling stone?

If you’ve made a frozen pizza, you know that they say to place the pizza directly on the oven rack without a baking sheet or pizza stone. So why do we use pizza stones at all?

The key to using a pizza stone is heating it BEFORE you place the pizza on it.

Put the stone in the oven or grill while you’re pre-heating, and the crust will get extra crispy on the bottom. The dough starts cooking immediately when placed on the heated surface, speeding up the process and giving you a better result.

Why choose a soapstone pizza/grilling stone?

Soapstone has naturally occurring thermal properties to retain heat longer than other cooking surfaces, like ceramics. It also has no taste, so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about the dough absorbing flavor from the stone.

And it does more than cook pizza! You can use it to cook meats and veggies because of the high temperature retention.

Cooking differences between a grill and oven

Grilling your pizza with a pizza stone gives it a smoky flavor that only comes from the open flame. While the pizza stone will still get that crispy crust in an oven, the grill or a pizza oven give it an unmatched flavor.

At Soapstone Products, we carry pizza stones in different thickness from 3/4” thick to 1 3/16” thick in round or rectangular shapes. Custom sizes available. A rectangle uses space more efficiently when you’re cooking veggies and meats on the stone. Order one today as the perfect hostess gift or for your next outdoor summer party.

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