Why you need to use the Original Slate Oil™️

Why you need to use the Original Slate Oil™️

If you have a slate countertop in your home, you may have heard you need to seal or treat it regularly. At Garden State Soapstone, Slate &Wood Countertops, our installers will treat the slate after our installation and recommend you use The Original Slate Oil™️ to continue maintenance.

No need for sealing with harsh chemicals because the organic oil does all the work. Here’s how:

The Original Slate Oil

Protection from liquids

While slate is non-porous, the very top surface does have a slight porosity. By using The Original Slate Oil™️, you’ll penetrate the top surface and protect to keep unwanted liquids out of the slate that might cause markings.

You can apply this slate oil as often as you want to preserve the appearance and increase the beauty

Easy Cleaning

Unlike other natural stones, slate is durable enough to stand up to harsh chemicals. If you want to apply a disinfectant to the surface, you will not damage the non-porous stone. We do recommend applying the slate oil after using a chemical cleaner to preserve the appearance of the slate.

Otherwise, water and gentle dish soap are all you need on this easy-to-clean surface.

Enhance the Beauty

The Original Slate Oil™ will make your countertops look like new again. It only takes a few minutes to apply, enhancing the beauty, bringing back the original dark color, and displaying the dark patina you loved from day one.

With slate being used in places from the kitchen to the living room, the bathroom to the outdoors, using the right products will ensure you get the most life out of this beautiful, natural stone.

You can purchase The Original Slate Oil™️ on our website. If you’re looking to add more slate to your home through indoor or outdoor renovations, contact Garden State Soapstone & Slate for expert installation and guidance.

The Original Slate Oil

The Original Slate Oil

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