Why Choose Teak & Mango Wood for Serving

Are you looking for a unique serving platter for your home?

The teak and mango wood serving boards from Soapstone Products make a statement at 3 to 7-feet each, but also make a great choice in food safety and sustainability.

teak wood

Food Safe

Wood has naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties, so it doesn't require disinfecting like plastic boards. With their natural oils, teak and mango wood also doesn't need the regular oiling like a butcher block cutting board does. However, we recommend occasionally applying our Original Wood Oil to penetrate, protect and enhance the wood's beauty over time.


The natural oils also help make the boards water and stain resistant. These features earn them the reputation as an excellent choice for food displays since they'll be easy to clean and won't absorb the food's flavors and scents. They also don't transfer any flavor to the foods served on them, so you can place your cheese and crackers directly on the wood.

Homeowners also choose teak or mango wood for outdoor furniture because of their water-resistant qualities. The wood is strong enough for chairs and tables but soft enough to work with easily.

Sustainable Choices

Teak and mango trees grow quickly and serve multiple purposes. Mango trees only take 15 years to mature, and once they grow too tall for fruit, the plantations harvest the trees for wood. In Costa Rica, our Soapstone Products' partners use sustainable reforestation practices. Our high-quality mango and teak serving boards are cut to size and hand-sanded in the United States. No two boards are the same since they each come from different trees with different markings.

At Soapstone Products, we have coordinating coasters and round serving boards to complement the long serving board. Perfect for hostess gifts and Mother's Day, order one for yourself and a friend!

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