What Is Teak Wood?

Hosts love the look of wood serving platters at their parties, especially for charcuterie boards. Wood has a natural charm that adds to the table displays, and Teak is a popular option for these serving trays. Due to its durability and water resistance. With its rich, warm tones, it is also widely regarded as one of the most beautiful woods on the planet.

teak wood board

Teak is a highly durable and sturdy wood with a typically straight or tight wood grain. Durability is one of its best qualities, and this wood may survive for generations if cared for properly. Under pressure, teak wood does not splinter, distort, bend, or break (even regular water exposure is not a problem). If you choose Teak for a serving board, you will be investing in a piece that will endure the rest of your life and can be passed down to your children. It's that tough and resilient, even without using an organic wood oil.

Teak is also a versatile material. Many individuals have used it to lay flooring in their homes or boats and make outdoor (patio) and indoor furniture (countertops, dining room furniture, bed frames, and elegant chair designs). The wood is indigenous to only four countries in the world: Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, and India. However, because of excessive and unsustainable foresting, natural teak forests only remain in Myanmar.

The Teak used in the Soapstone Products serving boards are from Costa Rica, where the wood grows exceptionally well. Each of our serving platters are made from a single plank of wood without glue for a unique shape. We treat our serving boards with the Original Wood Wax for a smooth, food-safe finish.

Do you love to entertain and design beautiful cheese boards? Our 5-, 6-, and even 7-ft serving boards will be a great addition to your parties. Visit soapstoneproducts.com to view even more teak products including coasters, cutting boards, and smaller serving sets.

teak wood board

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