Why You Need The Original Soapstone Oil & Wax

Soapstone Oil

Why you need The Original Soapstone Oil & Wax

Every year, more designers and homeowners learn about the benefits and beauty of soapstone. For example, countertops made with this distinctive, natural stone will not burn from a hot pan or discolor in the sunlight from large windows. In addition, because it is non-porous, this stone will not stain even with everyday use. Another benefit? Soapstone is incredibly easy to care for, with very little actual maintenance needed. A little soap, water, and the occasional oiling or waxing are all the typical homeowner needs to keep the surface clean and looking great.

The Original Soapstone Wax

Soapstone’s Natural Patina

Soapstone naturally comes in lighter grey colors, often with creamy or white veins, but over time, the stone darkens to the dark shades of black or green you’ll recognize. To speed up the process and keep your counters looking consistent, you can use either of two natural organic products: The Original Soapstone Oil™️or The Original Soapstone Wax ™️. There is not much difference between either of the two methods when it comes to effect, but most homeowners prefer our soapstone oil.

When used on soapstone, both soapstone oil and soapstone wax achieve that naturally darker look. Soapstone Wax takes just a little bit more elbow grease, and we’ll apply it the first time at installation.

When it comes to oils, the best product is The Original Soapstone Oil™️ by Garden State Soapstone. The soapstone oil is a bit easier for the homeowner to apply.

Along with maintaining the natural patina, waxing or oiling buffs out small scratches. How often you wax or oil the counter depends on how the homeowner wants their soapstone to look. More frequent applications of either oils or wax naturally darken the stone.

The Original Soapstone Oil

Keep Your Counters Looking Great

While all soapstone will naturally achieve that beautiful darker patina over a long period of time, the application of oil or wax will speed up the process and, best of all, ensure there is an even look to the darkening of the stone. So if you want the deepest, darkest, richest look out of your soapstone countertop, then be sure to invest in our high-quality soapstone oils or soapstone waxes.

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