Choosing between Teak and Mango Products

Choosing between Teak and Mango Products

With beautiful options in serving boards, cheeseboards, and coasters in both Teak and Mango woods, you may not know which one is best for your home (or gifting!). Here’s a little information about each one, so you can feel like you’re making a decision based on more than just looks.

Teak Wood

Both the Teak and Mango wood products sold by are sourced from Coast Rica but handcrafted and finished in the US. We sell live-edge pieces, so each has a unique shape and pattern: they will not be straight or perfectly rounded. Every product has a distinctive wood grain pattern, making them different from anything you’ve seen.

Teak is one of the most popular hardwoods for food applications due to its strength, durability, and resistance to water damage. It has been used as far back as ancient Egypt in furniture construction because it was easy to carve but also very strong when finished.

The rich golden-brown color makes Teak stand out from other woods while still looking natural enough not to detract from any decor or design elements present in the space where it’s being used. We do suggest regular maintenance with The Original Wood Oil™️ periodically to keep it looking its best and staying strong.

Mango Wood

Mango Wood offers similar characteristics to Teak. Mango’s grain pattern provides beautiful visuals that add character to any environment they are placed in, while its lighter weight makes a piece like our serving boards easier to move and display. The water resistance is not the same level as teak, but it can withstand the regular use of a serving board or even a countertop!

While both wood materials are water resistant and food safe, teak may be a better choice if you know you (or the recipient) plan to entertain outdoors. The unique grain pattern of Mango will be a conversation starter at any party.

Order online today, and don’t forget to add The Original Wood Oil™️ to your cart, as well!

The Original Wood Oil

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