All About Soapstone Oil & Wax: what it does, is, and isn’t

All About Soapstone Oil & Wax

If you’ve been investigating countertops for a kitchen renovation, you know that each surface comes with different care instructions and recommendations. The durability and unique feel of soapstone makes it a favorite option in kitchens (both indoor and outdoor!).

One of the benefits of soapstone over other stones is its naturally non-porous, waterproof surface. So why do you need wax or oil? While granite and marble countertops need a sealant every few months to keep water out and protect the countertop, soapstone doesn’t need to be sealed against water.

At Garden State Soapstone, we developed The Original Soapstone Oil™️ and The Original Soapstone Wax™️ as the best options to keep your soapstone looking beautiful year after year.

The original Soapstone Wax

What Are Soapstone Oil and Wax?

Soapstone oil and wax increase the aging process and enhance the beauty of the soapstone. You can apply it to your countertops as often as you want (we recommend applying more frequently after installation) to maintain the aging process, or darkening, of the soapstone. If you choose to treat less frequently your soapstone will age inconsistently in areas especially around the sink and cooktop.

What Soapstone Oil Isn’t

Simply speaking, soapstone oil is not a sealant. The stone itself will always be non-porous and anti-bacterial, the oil just permanently darkens the countertop. It eliminates the need for waxing the surface, which is a little more difficult.

Soapstone Oil vs. Wax

After we install a soapstone countertop, we apply The Original Soapstone Wax™️ to the surface, enhancing the soapstone and aging process, increasing the beauty in your kitchen. The soapstone wax is a thicker product, and usually requires more effort to apply.

The Original Soapstone Oil™️is a better product to use for day-to-day maintenance simple.

Both oil and wax accelerate the patina on the stone and keep it looking great for years. Both the wax and the oil are completely food safe, 100% organic and made of natural ingredients, so you never need to worry about what you’re putting on your surfaces.

The Original Soapstone Oil

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