Shop Small & Sustainable for Holiday Gifts

Shop Small & Sustainable for Holiday Gifts

It’s the holiday season! If you’re still looking for holiday gifts or stocking up on hostess gifts for the many events you’ll be attending, check out the top choices from Soapstone Products!

Soapstone Pizza Stones

Our soapstone pizza stones are the best gift because they can be used any season of the year. Not only are they great for oven-baked pizza, but you can use them for cooking on an outdoor grill. And they’re not just for pizza! Use them for cooking meats or vegetables outdoors, too.

Shop pre-cut soapstone pizza stones or request a customized size.

Soapstone Pizza Stone

Cheese Boards & Cutting Boards

Our “Original Vermont Slate” cheese board or wooden cheeseboards made of high-quality Teak or Mango are a great gift for a new homeowner or your favorite hostess. Slate is ideal for cheese boards because of its naturally non-absorbent properties. Our food-safe, wooden cutting and cheese boards display unique wood grain patterns that make a statement while serving.

Shop all cheese boards and cutting boards here.

Cheese Board

Serving Boards

Much larger than a cheese board, serving boards of Mango or Teak range from 3 feet to 7 feet long. They create a beautiful centerpiece for a dining table or island and can hold all the appetizers for a party. When used in today’s all-white kitchens, the wood brings warmth and character to an event.

Shop our serving boards in various lengths here.

Teak Wood Cutting Board


Handmade wood, soapstone, and slate coasters are sure to stay out on the coffee table long after they’re received. These gifts come pre-wrapped in a burlap bag with twine ribbon to make gifting easy.

Shop all coaster variations here.

Soapstone Coasters

Why give sustainable gifts?

Why should you care about giving sustainable gifts from small businesses this year? At Soapstone Products, we’re committed to making natural, high-quality products that stand the test of time. Our wood suppliers adhere to the strict principles of reforestation, and all products are finished in the USA. With the increased inflation, material price changes have made business difficult for small shops. Every purchase makes a difference; even a small order can encourage recipients to buy from us for their next gift.

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