How to Use Wood Wax or Wood Oil

How to Use Wood Wax or Oil

While some homeowners want their wood counter-tops to show the wear and tear, everyone agrees they can use a little maintenance. With The Original Wood Wax or The Original Wood Oil, you’ll protect and nourish your wood counter-tops.

How to use wood wax & wood oil

What is wood wax or oil?

We developed our wood wax or oil from a mix of food-safe natural oil, including grapeseed oil, elderberry fruit extract, and more. Some wood counter-tops have more topcoats than others, requiring more or less maintenance. The wood wax and oil will penetrate and saturate the wood, so cleaning the surface becomes more manageable.

How does it protect your wood counter-top?

Wood expands and contracts with the environment: no amount of pre-treatment can change that. So as your home goes through the seasons, regularly oiling or waxing can prevent cracking (especially during the dry winter months).

The oil or wax also, enhancing the beauty, increases the feel of softness and smooths roughness that may be present. While you will still need to clean a wood counter-top periodically, you’ll notice the water beading on the surface as you continually apply the wax or oil. You can have peace of mind that your counter-top is cleaned effectively by including waxing or oiling into your routine.

Wax or oil also helps to minimize any inevitable scratches that occur. If you have a small scratch, the treatment may hide it completely. With deeper scratches, you’ll want to sand it slightly, then apply the oil or wax to keep the wood looking great.

The Original Wood Wax
The Original Wood Oil

How to apply wood wax or oil:

Allow both the oil and wax to penetrate the wood surface. Then buff the surface with a clean, soft cloth until the area feels dry to the touch.

Your wood counter-tops will age beautifully and stand the test of time with regular oiling or waxing. For the highest-quality wood and the best finishing techniques, contact Garden State Soapstone to install your wood counter or tabletop.

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