How to Make a Trendy Butter Board for NYE

How to Make a Trendy Butter Board for NYE

Are you hosting on New Year’s Eve or attending the party? Try the trendy butter board (do a quick search on TikTok) on one of our wood or slate serving boards, and then leave the board as a gift for the host!

How to soften butter for easy spreading

You might find softening the butter the most difficult task in making a butter board. Don’t just throw a stick in the microwave!

Fill a bowl with very hot water, so the bowl becomes warm. Then, empty the water and place the bowl over the stick of butter to soften quickly. You can also leave the butter out on the counter for about 45 minutes to come up to room temperature.

Bread on Slate Cheese board

The tools you’ll need for a butter board

First of all, you’ll need a butter knife for making the board, then a few for your guests.

Then, of course, you’ll need the bread: go with a baguette that can be sliced easily into small servings. If you choose a larger loaf, you’ll need to cut each slice in half or quarters before laying it out on the platter.

While you always want a food-safe option for a serving board, the butter has more contact with the board than crackers and hard cheeses. Slate is an easy-to-clean surface that provides a great color contrast for the butter. Most people are looking for a wood option, and our wood boards are also food safe.

Be sure to use The Original Wood Oil™️ to make sure your wood stays protected between uses. You can also use parchment paper to line your board before spreading butter.

Wood Oil

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Here’s where things start to look like a charcuterie board. There are lots of options for making a butter board:

  • Fig jam
  • Honey
  • Edible flowers
  • Dried fruit
  • Flaky salt
  • Candied nuts
  • Lemon zest
  • Thyme


Now your guests simply pick up a piece of bread and slather on some butter. Make sure you get a photo of all your hard work because it won’t look as great once guests start digging in!

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