Give the Gift of Cheese Boards this Holiday Season

slate cheese board

Give the Gift of Cheese Boards this Holiday Season

If you want to be invited to more parties in the future, start by bringing a cheeseboard. You can’t go wrong with cheese at almost every event: picnics, holiday parties, kids’ birthday parties (need to feed the adults, too!), game day, and more.

Choose a beautiful cheese board from our shop and include it as your gift to the host. They don’t need to return it to you after the party is over! In fact, you might want to stock up on a few boards now to be ready for a season of parties and NFL games.

Ready to build a delicious cheese board and be the hit of the party? Here’s a few things to include and get you started:

You only need 3 cheeses

Slate Cheese Board

Surprisingly, you only need three cheeses for a nice variety: go with a mix of sliced and spreadable cheeses, or strong and mild flavors. If you know the group at the party, you might go for adventurous flavors. If you’re unsure, or the group isn’t feeling gourmet, you could go for some delicious basics.

If this is a game day celebration, you might want to try more interesting flavors, since cheddar might be covered with other menu items.

Meat, Bread, and Crackers

Now for the elements that complement the cheese! For meat, you’ll want to go with the basics: salami and prosciutto. You can mix it up, but those are always crowd pleasers.

You should always slice up a crusty baguette (buy it day-of if possible!) to make the board different than the standard cheese-and-crackers. But of course, you’ll still need crackers. Stick with a thin, mild choice so it doesn’t steal the show.

Add the Layers

What really sets apart our cheese board? The extras: olives, dried fruits, jams, nuts, honey, mustard… anything you want to add. Pair each with cute utensils or containers to finish the look.

Now that you know how to build a beautiful cheeseboard, choose a serving board for your own home, and start hosting parties that everyone will want to attend.

Slate Cheese Board

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