Great features of “The Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboards

Great features of “The Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboards

If you’ve been searching for a cheeseboard for serving appetizers or charcuterie boards, then “The Original Vermont Slate” cheese board might be the right choice for you.

Keep reading to find out why it makes a great gift for your friends (or yourself!):

The Original Vermont Cheese Board

Dishwasher safe

Our slate cheeseboards are actually dishwasher safe, so cleanup can’t be easier. The harsh chemicals do not bother this durable stone, so feel free to clean them in whatever way works best for you. Of course, all you need is warm water and soap, but why hand-wash if you don’t need to

Label with Chalk

Add fun labels to your cheeseboard with regular chalk or the included soapstone chalk. You can name the different types of cheese or fruits, or simply add the design elements that match your theme the closest. Maybe you want guests to know that one board is allergen free compared while the other board might have nuts: with chalk labeling, the message won’t be missed.

The Original Vermont Cheese Board

Heat Resistant

Do you want to include a baked brie on your cheeseboard? Place the baked dish directly on the slate without worrying about marking because slate is heat resistant. This durable stone can stand up to the wear and tear of your party while featuring the tasty appetizers, whether hot or cold.

Non-Porous and Tasteless

What makes slate a great choice for cheese, specifically, is the non-porous, tasteless features. Cheese, jams, and honey can be easily cleaned off after a party, without worrying about absorbing into the stone. While other metal dishes or other stones can leave behind a flavor on the food, requiring a layer of parchment between the food and platter, you can place food directly on “The Original Vermont Slate” cheeseboard.

These make a great gift for yourself or your friends, so order the two-slate bundle today from Soapstone Products. They come beautifully packaged in a burlap bag with two pieces of soapstone chalk, and cork feet. Add the Original Slate Oil™️ to keep it looking beautiful for years to come.

Slate Oil

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